Our Mission


The mission of Joseph International is to equip marketplace Christians to become spiritual and natural leaders, establishing the Kingdom of God in their sphere of influence.


An amazing leader who demonstrated excellence, maintained a lifestyle of leadership, and exercised great influence. He operated in strong spiritual leadership — walked closely with God, experienced the supernatural, lived a life of consecration, prayed consistently, and delivered a powerful testimony of God.

Worked a full-time job and knew the special times and seasons he lived in, preparing a nation to thrive in the midst of difficult times. He experienced the supernatural, influenced leaders, stewarded great resources, spared a nation from famine, and built a new city, Goshen.

Both of these biblical figures give us powerful examples for today’s Marketplace Christian. Daniel, in living an overcoming lifestyle in the midst of a secular organization, and Joseph, operating in end-times leadership. God is raising up many modern-day Daniels and Josephs who will powerfully manifest the testimony of Jesus in the world system, increasingly so as the return of Jesus approaches.


The Lord has placed a sense of urgency on our hearts to understand the times we are living in and help the Josephs take their place across the land.  Now, more than ever, the Lord is inviting marketplace believers to get equipped with supernatural power from on high in order to see the various areas of life transformed.

Be a part of the transformation of cities.  Be a Joseph!