What is Influent?

Influent is a publishing platform and resource library designed to develop leaders who will influence society. Our mission is to provide educational books, videos and podcasts on topics such as business and walking out a practical Christian lifestyle.

This initiative has long been in the works, and even longer in the hearts of the staff here at Joseph International. We are passionate about equipping men and women who are in the marketplace to experience God while walking out their callings and to become lights to the world. This mission has been the foundation of Joseph International and is the driving vision of Influent now.

Our energy and efforts are focused on putting pen to paper and sharing with you all the many insights, stories, and practical wisdom the Lord has been stirring in our hearts for a long time. As you know, we have been developing life-changing content for over a decade—and Influent is an effort to get our content out there to the people who need it. Many today do not want to fly to an event in Kansas City, but take courses and consume content at their own pace and in their own home. Influent is our answer. We are so excited for you to join us on this next part of our journey!